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We have been longboarding for more than 12 years and have already tried and tested many models.
We know how difficult it can be as beginners to get into this lifestyle.
With the gained experience we would like to help you to find the right longboard for you.
We want longboarding to become your hobby too!


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What do you have to consider when buying a longboard?

Many beginners ask themselves what to consider when they want to buy a longboard cheaply. There are a few things that help you to find the right longboard. We help you to determine the decision criteria which are necessary to buy the right longboard for you. Basically you should decide what you want to use your longboard for later. There are different disciplines and riding styles, and thus of course different possibilities. Many people who want to buy a longboard are first looking for a good allrounder board. This means that any discipline is possible to a certain degree and the longboard can be used in many ways. For example for shorter trips and longboard tours, but also for alpine terrain. To buy a longboard cheaply, other factors also play an important role. As so often, the quality as well as the workmanship is decisive.
In the longboard test, we only reviewed high quality boards that performed significantly better than the competition in the same price range. Of special and decisive importance is of course the high quality workmanship, but also the quality and the price-performance ratio. So that you can also buy the right longboard, we have examined the products carefully and tested them thoroughly. Such a longboard test is of course also based on the opinions of other consumers. We have gathered the opinions of various customers on different consumer portals such as Amazon.

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Buying a longboard: The different riding styles

Although each longboard actually consists of a deck, two axles and four wheels, the individual boards can be driven in many different ways. Within the longboard scene five different riding styles have established themselves. Especially beginners, who want to buy a longboard, are often irritated by this. Therefore we give you an overview of the different riding styles. The discipline most people have heard about is downhill riding. Here everything revolves around speed. The longboarder rides down steep hills or mountains. At professional events top speeds of up to 100 km/h are reached. The high speeds make it necessary to wear protective clothing. The longboarders protect themselves similar to motorcyclists with a leather suit. Whoever wants to buy a longboard will also hear about the discipline dancing. Dancing combines elements of skating, surfing and dancing. It is less about tricks, but much more about show and aesthetics.
A driving style that has become more and more popular, especially in recent times, is cruising. It is probably the easiest way to get around with a longboard and is very relaxing. At any time the longboarder can also add some small tricks depending on the route and your wishes. Cruising is the first driving style that everyone who buys a longboard learns. It is the starting point and at the same time the ideal idea, especially if you know the origin of the longboard, namely the coast of California. Admittedly, the real California feeling with a cleanly asphalted beach promenade just before sunset is of course not so easy to reproduce in Germany, but with a longboard a part of it can always be brought into everyday life. Whether on the way to school, university, work or even to go shopping. Cruising is basically possible with any longboard, but especially the longboards for beginners are predestined for the relaxed way of locomotion. So if you want to buy a longboard, you should not just stick to one style of riding, but rather gain experience and riding practice. This is best done with a longboard for beginners.

Technical equipment and accessories for the longboard test

A central criterion for the quality of longboards are the rollers and axles. Another technical feature are the so-called flex steps. These three things have to be considered when you want to buy a longboard. So that you don’t have to go through the tedious and complicated work of checking the manufacturer’s technical specifications for each board, we have already done this work for you. However, to make sure that you are aware of the most important features, we have briefly presented the individual quality criteria below.

The longboard wheels have a great influence on the riding experience. This is determined by the diameter as well as the hardness of the longboard rollers. In general, the rule is that larger rolls are longer rolls and smaller longboard rolls accelerate the board faster and thus bring it up to speed. In addition, the hardness of the rollers, which is indicated in “A-steps”, plays an important role. The higher the A is, the harder the rollers are, softer rollers offer a better grip, whereas harder rollers offer a better glide.
To be able to buy the right longboard, the axles are an important factor to consider. The wider this longboard axle is, the more stable and smooth the board runs. A narrow axle, on the other hand, means high manoeuvrability and mobility. The so-called flex steps also play an important role. They indicate the “deflection ability” of the longboard. When buying a longboard, it should be noted that the heavier you are, the greater the flex of the board should be. However, different flex levels only become apparent on more expensive boards. We have also compared longoards with varying flex for you and summarized them clearly.
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Why did we make these comparisons for you?

In short: From my own, partly painful experience. The many years as active longboarders have shown us that there is a lot to consider and especially for beginners the necessary overview is often missing when they want to buy a longboard. But especially this sport should not offer such problems for beginners, because it is a unique hobby! So we would like to make it easier for you to get into this trend. So that you too can experience the breathtaking feeling on the longboard! Especially as a longboard beginner it is difficult to find your way through the mass of longboards and to find exactly the right thing for you. Therefore, with over a decade of experience as background, we would like to help you. If you rely on our comparisons, you will save yourself a lot of time and tedious research work. We can promise you that! Whether you are a longboard beginner or advanced, with the collected and compiled information about comparisons and tests of the individual boards, we will help you gladly and free of charge, so that you can buy the right longboard for you. This beautiful sport should really not fail because of the wrong board.
We are happy if we can help you to find the perfect longboard for you.

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